Smoke machine

HP-4D 1500w Vertical Fogger

The Verti Fog from ProLight takes fog to a new Height! This new fogger fires straight up in the air leaving the fog just where you want it. This high firing fogger creates a thick cloud of smoke that naturally falls from the ceiling to the floor. Outputting 20,000 cubic feet per minute this vertical volcano produces enough fog to cover any stage, nightclub or dance floor. Fluid is provided from a 1.5 ltr tank and initial warm up only takes around 5 minutes.




1500W Vertical high output fog machine

Control: DMX-512 or supplied remote

DMX operation controls output of fog (1 DMX channel)

1.5 litre removable fog fluid tank

Fog output: 20,000 cu. ft. per minute

Uses standard fog fluid

Connection: 3 pin XLR for DMX or Master/Slave linking




Power Supply: 230v

Dimensions: 322 x 274 x 154mm

Weight: 6.5 kgs.

Martin Magnum 650 Smoke Machine

The Magnum 650 fog machine offers the perfect boost of dense white fog to enhance every light effect. The fast heat-up time and extended operational period place the Magnum 650 as the clear leader in its class. Made from metal and finished in black the product features 600W heater and handheld remote control.

Martin Professional 900W Haze Machine

The Magnum 2500 Hz is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use hazer suitable for DJ’s, smaller venues, bars, and clubs. With a large fluid container and optional DMX the hazer is ideal for installation

900Watt Haze Machine

Martin Professional 1600W Magnum 2000 Smoke

Martin Professional 1600W Magnum 2000 Smoke MachineThe most specified fog machine in the world. The Magnum 2000 is the authority in portable fog machines. Few other portable foggers can match the optional DMX controlled output of the Magnum 2000, or its logical plug and fog simplicity. The product features 1600W heat exchanger, 8 min heat up time, 9.5 litre fluid capacity, 700m3/min smoke output, built-in remote control, output level control, timer control, analogue link, adjustable truss mounting yoke.
Dimensions 325x356x695mm
Weight 13kg